What your name says and reflects about you?

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Sometimes, we can’t help but feel that life has been unfair to us. Your abilities in work or your business somehow did not get the recognition or success that you think you deserve. To make matter worst, your peers who you felt that is not quite as good seems to be in a much better situation. What can you do? Take a look at your own name and see what your current name actually means based on the ancient art of astrology and numerology. See the positives and negatives of your current name and what it reflects about you. In essence, your current profile can be glanced just by your current name. More often than not, we see many interesting case studies of people with unsuitable names and it is exactly the names that they have that hinder their progress and quest for wealth, health, prosperity and success. At Di Right Name, we are able to assist you to do a self-assessment of your current profile by using your current name, and identify what is lacking in your current name elements, and provide solutions to patch the desired elements that you have been lacking all this while. By the same token, we are able to do the same assessment for your business to identify your current strengths and weaknesses of your current name, and suggest ways to enhance the desired elements.

Here at Di Right Name, our professional expertise also include bespoke services in analyzing and profiling the right business partners and employees through the ancient art of numerology, astrology and metaphysics. From the simple character/attitude analysis of a person via the name to a complete analysis of a business via the business info (registration date, incorporation number, address etc), we cover most angles in the quest to achieve the most desirable outcomes, for both your personal and business needs.



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