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One of the branch of SPZ Security Sdn Bhd is Sarawak Security Service. SPZ Sarawak Security Service prides on its dynamic environment, having strong financial capabilities, constantly strives to perform excellent and innovative security services, to bring the best security solutions for a given project. We have built our reputation on integrity and our ability to supply professional, reliable and responsive security services that ensures the safety and well-being of not only our clients, but their customers, contractors, everyone visiting their facilities. Throughout the years, SPZ Security has garnered profound experience and respect by providing exceptional security services across Malaysia. With such expertise and reputation, SPZ Security has successfully expanded their skills to provide an extensive variation of security services to suit client’s requirement.

We are proud to provide our valuable clients a cost effective, safe and secured working environment, without compromising on quality. In Muhafiz Security, we believe in the capabilities of technological advancement in delivering our services and continuously developing new products, just to serve you better.

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