Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tank

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Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tank

Pressed Steel Factional Water Container

In 1997, Reliance Pacific Tanks was integrated and its key tasks included the supply and construction of water tanks from the Sectional Water Tank of Fiberglass Reinforcement Polyester (FRP) and Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks. The founder of Reliance Pacific Tanks is well equipped with more than 10 years of experience in Cooling Tower and Water Tanks, and knowledge of premature FRP water tanks and Pressed Steel Sectional Water Tanks technical requirements, Hydro Dynamic went on research and looked forward to upgrading and exploring new water tank production in anticipation of future needs, thus pressing “HYDRO” Steel Panel. “Hydro” Sectional Water Tanks of Pressed Steel are produced to comply with British Standard B.S. 1564:1975 with external flanges and galvanised hot-dip to ISO 1461:1999 standard. Hydro Dynamic estimates that water tanks have been built by experts to optimise usable space, so “HYDRO” brand pressed steel sectional tanks are produced in 2 separate sizes, namely imperial and metric. In normal measurement style, we include panels in designed plates of 1,220 mm and 1,000 mm. Also we have ½ panels in 1,220×610 mm and 1,000×500 mm to ease the problems of uncomfortable space constrained position with water stored to capacity. The inner and outer surfaces of the tank panels are usually treated and painted with one coat of Bituminous primer and one coat of Red Oxide primer on the latter. Tank materials can be hot-dipped galvanised (HDG) to ISO 1456: 1999 or hot applied epoxy coating prior to delivery, depending on the order. Stainless steel materials (SS304 / SS316) panels for both domestic and fire-fighting storage applications have also become increasingly common. Reliance Pacific Tanks also supplied for:
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