Late Onset Hypogonadism (Andropause)

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Dr Rajeentheran is a senior consultant Late Onset Hypogonadism (Andropause). He is highly committed to ensuring that his patients are well-informed and are educated on the diseases that they suffer from and that they are provided adequate information on all the available standard management and options of treatment of their ailments. He was the Consultant Urologist at the Institute of Urology, Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and underwent further Urological training at the Bristol Urological Institute at the United Kingdom in 2002. He intends in providing effective urological treatment, either conservative or interventional. He continues in keeping up to date with the latest techniques and breakthrough treatments in the field of Urology and intends to advise on the same. He is widely read, knowledgeable and committed to knowing the latest management in the field of Urology, and ensuring that this is provided to his patients Other service includes:


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