Fire Tank Supplier Malaysia

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Fire Tank Supplier Malaysia

At the request of the building occupier ‘s insurer, property security systems are also installed to secure the company by ensuring that the building and contents are secured against fire. In order to protect staff, the public and fire fighters from fire hazards, certain devices are built to comply with building or fire regulations. This type of system can be more correctly referred to as ‘improved availability’ sprinkler systems, but is more generally referred to as ‘life protection’ sprinkler systems and provides a number of additional features that minimise the risk that due to scheduled service and maintenance being carried out, the system will still be non-operational. The Fire Tank is an integral part of the scheme in each of these instances. This may take the form of a direct supply with or without a booster pump from the local water service primary, or, more efficiently, getting water stored in a fire tank with a pump or pumps to supply the water to the sprinkler device. A single water storage fire tank with two fire pumps is the most common configuration, each capable of meeting the needs of the sprinkler system. The fire tank for water storage can be split into two half-capacity tanks for improved reliability. This ensures that the water supply for the sprinkler system is still available, even though one tank (or all of its equipment) is being serviced or maintained. As the top supplier of fire tanks in Malaysia, Reliance Pacific Tanks can also mount these fire tanks. Reliance Pacific Tanks also supplied for:
Fire Tank Supplier Malaysia


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