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Cable supplier

Cable supplier Cable Mart is a stockist and distributor who specializes in supplying flexible control cables such as oil & gas, petrochemical, offshore and marine industries. We provide

Apa itu Krim Max Enhancer?

Max Enhancer diproduksi dengan teliti dan telah berhasil menjadi produk terbaik di Indonesia yang digunakan sebagai solusi pembesaran penis, dengan metode alami jika anda tidak ingin

English Courses For International Students

Cambridge English For Life welcomes applications from foreign students to study at our centres where a wide range of English language courses are available. Cambridge

BEC Exams in Malaysia

Eligibility BEC Exams in Malaysia are the suites of three exams designed to test English language ability used in the context of business. BEC is the

Affordable TV Console Design

Living room is the central gathering place in your home. It’s where you relax. Watch TV. Entertain guests. The furniture you choose for your living room

Anti Jump Sliding Door Wardrobe

Wardrobes are one of the most used furniture items in the entire house after a bed. Considering its usage, one should always ensure that they are

Simple Classic Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen cabinets can be an eclectic mix of old and new. They do not fit into one niche. They do not conform to standard rules. They

Window Film Distributor Malaysia

Totalgard is acclaimed around the world for its value, performance and excellence. It is one of the most respected brands for a variety of products


很多人自我介绍时,填表格,甚至签名时,都很少会用中文全名,一般都只需要用英文字母拼成的名。可是却很多马来西亚人不知道如何取英文名,尤其是在马来西亚,一个多种族国家,英文字母的名字是比中文名字来的重要。在,我們具有多年占星命理的临床经验,依照被命名者的紫微和星盘命盘做个性特质分析, 强调命名之意义须与使用人的个性特质相匹配,对使用人的个性具有补足、协调之用,有助增进人际关系,开阔人生格局,是真正为使用人量身订做的绝佳姓名。我們結合了古代命理術,中國占星術和形而上學的研究,根据您命盘中所呈现的个人特质来改名,有此强化您的特点并带来势不可挡的好运气。 您可能想为新出生的嬰兒取一个合适的英文名字,给他开阔美好的人生格局。您可能想要一個新的英文名字的人来增进您的人事关系和事业运程。或者您想为企业该一个符合企业主命盘特质的名字让您的公司如虎添翼一帆风顺。来Dirightnames.com吧,我们都可以助您一臂之力。   更多文章 财源广进英文名 鸿运当头的英文名 有福气的英文名

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