Best Halal Buffet Food Catering

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Best Halal Buffet Food Catering


  Baiduri Jasamas specializes in food preparations and delivery service as well as buffet meals, catering services, packed food, food delivery, event consultancy and management to our clients. Top Best Halal Buffet Food Catering provides the professional servies that can meet the requirements of our clients. Baiduri Jasamas Sdn. Bhd. is one of the Best Halal Buffet Food Catering that incorporated on 11th November 2011 in Malaysia and registered with Kementerian Kewangan Malaysia, is a food service management provider which is committed in providing innovative, quality and healthy food as well as impeccable service to our client. The buffet meals are more for Industrial worker’s premises(canteen). The food is prepare and cook in their kitchen and serve to their given time daily. The meals normally begin with breakfast, lunch time, hi tea and dinner. The selections of menu, from local cuisine as well as other foreign menus. The menus set by the clients as well as BJSB for a period of a month interval. Best Halal Buffet Food Catering serve the clients with the healthy and hygienic food. Our services including :


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